Checks By Phone+

Checks By Phone+ is a simple to use program that lets you get checks by phone, by fax or even by mail, and print the corresponding bank draft. Checks By Phone+ will then print the check deposit form so you can put the checks it your account.

The checks are printed with at the bottom special MICR characters which will be used by banks for processing. So now your printed checks can be used the same way as a pre-printed check.

Most interaction with the program is done right on the opening screen, pretty much the same way you would proceed with a paper checkbook. The app is set to be used with a mouse, or from the keyboard, going from one field to another with the tab key.

Check Maker

The main screen shows the content of a check. Once complete, it can be printed right away on top, middle, bottom, or 3 per page. Business checks can be used, or Personal ("wallet") size (a checkbox "Personal") in the left hand side sets that format. Store to print later allows preparing series of checks, and print them all in batch at the same time later.

If all the checks are deposited to your company, you may want to check "Lock Payee", so you won't have to enter that each time.

To put a logo on each check, drop a picture file over it. In principle, the mention "No signature necessary" is sufficient, but you could drop a picture of your choice in the signature box, if needed. It will then replace the default text.

The tape recorder blue arrows allow you to get back to previous checks, to the first one, or the last. The search field can find any word or amount, and then the previous and next arrows allow to navigate the search.

The log

Check Maker Log

The log shows all the bank drafts that were created. Date, number, payer, bank, payee (usually you), amount, memo (for), payee's address, routing and account number, check number. The last columns show which checks have been deposited with a check mark, and which ones have been stored to be printed (a small printer).

The database can be searched for any word or amount with the field that shows a lens. All the data is searched.

One or several lines can be selected. A range can be selected by holding down the mouse button and dragging down, or by holding shift and clicking two lines. All lines in between will be selected. Separated lines can be selected by holding the Ctrl key. One can also hit Ctrl-A to select the entire log.

By default, the log window shows all records. Clicking "Range" will show only the lines that were selected.

The log can be exported as tab separated file, easy to load in any spreadsheet.

The log can be printed as such in series of lines.


Check Maker Deposit

Check Maker Deposit
Once you have selected the checks to be printed, click "Deposit". A window showing a deposit ticket will be filled automatically. If more than 17 checks, an additional window will show the extra bank drafts.

  Simply click Print, to print the deposit ticket, and if necessary, the list of extra checks. Note that the deposit ticket will take into account the extra checks, so all that can be taken to the bank.

Before you can print the deposit slip, you will need to enter your details, bank, routing and account number.


Check Maker Settings

When you click the gear in the center of the main window, the settings window is displayed.

The date format can be selected : Month-Day-Year, Year-Month-Day, Day-Month-Year. By default, the separator is the hyphen (-), but other characters can be used, such as forward slash (/) or space.

If you use standard check paper, such as Versacheck 1000 or 3000, the vertical size of checks is already set : 3.5" and 2.84", respectively. Note that measurement can be displayed as points (1/72th inch), or millimeters.

Some check forms can have different height. Measure it with a ruler, and enter it here.

Checks can be printed on top, middle or bottom, together with a letter, or the check data as a stub (see below).

3 checks per page can be printed. To fill the 3 checks, make sure to have stored 3 checks, before clicking "Print". The letter won't be printed.

If for some reason the printer is not standard, the resolution can be entered. Leave that blank, unless you know exactly what to do.

Currency symbol, currency name and cent name should normally not need to be touched. However, this can be changed, for instance to use the program in UK, where , "Pounds" and "Pence" are used.

A checkbox allows to change where the number of the check is displayed, at the bottom of the check. It is normally printed after routing and account, but it can be printed on the left.


Check Maker Layout

By default, the check layout complies to the Quickbooks/Quicken layout, which is the most common. However, you may move any part of the check with the mouse. When you close the window, that setting is saved. If needed, default settings can be reinstated by clicking "Reset original elements position" in the Settings window.


Check Maker Letter

The letter will automatically print whenever you select "top", "middle", "bottom" to print one check at a time on a sheet of paper. It won't print when 3 checks are printed on the same page.

Like a word processor, you can select fonts and style, as well as justification.

Note how hashtag coding is used to put information from the check in the printed letter.

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